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Caring Tips

The following information has been written to help you and your new pet to get to know each other and to build a relationship that will last for many happy years ahead.Your greyhound will come with a collar, lead and muzzle and will have been vaccinated, wormed and are usually neutered. The insurance company, Petplan, provides the first 4 weeks insurance cover free of charge.

It would be helpful if you have two bowls ready, one for water and one for food. An old duvet folded in half will make an ideal bed. A waterproof coat and grooming mitt are essential and a soft collar to wear around the house carrying an ID tag will complete the picture. Your dog must be walked wearing a greyhound collar and leather lead. A waterproof coat is recommended and can be bought from the Greyhound Trust.

Two very important points.

  1. It is a legal requirement that an ID tag is worn by the dog at all times.
  2. Never use an extendable lead. A greyhound can accelerate from a standing start to nearly 40 mph in no time at all and with an extendable lead, the potential for disaster is all too obvious.

The positioning of the dog’s collar is very important. It should go up behind the ears, which is the thinnest part of the neck and should be tight enough to get two fingers between the collar and the neck. But don’t worry about this as we will show you how to get it right. When you first have your dog, We recommend that your dog wears a muzzle when taken out for a walk. After a while, you will know the social behaviour of your dog and you may then choose to walk without the muzzle.

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