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Greyhound Trust Supported Hounds Scheme

We sometimes have hounds come into us who require a little extra care, this may be due to injuries, illness or any other problems which require a little extra attention. We find them the right home and continue to support their needs while they live in a home with their loving family.

We set up the supported hounds scheme so that you can help us to help them. This is because their lifelong care and support which we give them, comes at a high cost.

By joining our supported hounds scheme, you can help ensure the rest of their natural lives will be lived out in comfortable and pleasant surroundings, and any necessary veterinary care provided. Your financial support is vital to their future.

Please take a few moments to read about them before joining our scheme and in return for your help, you will receive a certificate with a free gift, as well as photos and updates throughout the year from your doggie pals.

Your generous support is magnificent whenever we ask for it.

Please consider joining our sponsor scheme which will run from April - March each year.

Why not consider giving a sponsorship to a friend or loved one as a gift?

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