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Supported Hounds Scheme

We currently have 4 Supported Hounds who require your help; Luigi, Holly, King and Chief.

All 4 hounds live in homes with their forever families, while we continue to support all of their medical needs.

Please continue reading to find out more information about the dogs that need your help.

This black beauty came into us with a badly broken hock so we continue to support any ongoing medical costs this problem brings him, such as pain relief and regular check ups at the vets. He lives with the Smith family and his hound brother Frankie. 


Pretty little Holly came to us for homing and shortly after her arrival, she developed a thyroid condition which she will have for the rest of her life. This can be managed with lifelong prescribed medication which we are able to provide her with thanks to your donations. She has to have regular visits to to the vets for blood tests to ensure the medication dosgae is still correct and that she is in overall good health. She lives with the Bartells family and another hound for company.  


This handsome boy came to us with a serious hip problem, which we swiftly dealt with. After having major surgery at West Midlands Referals, he is now fully recovered. He required physiotherapy and hydrotherapy to help him regain full use of his hip and leg. He will have lifelong orthopedic needs and be under veterinary care his whole life. He is such a happy boy who wags his tail constantly, who came such a long way during his time with us. He is now living happily with our volunteer Phil and his other three hounds Ollie, Katie and Rosie. 


Handsome King came to us like any other hound for homing, but during his time with us he developed a problem with his immune system. After lots of visits to the vets, we managed to get him him on the correct meds and right dosage which he will need for the rest of his life. He also requires a supplement to help him live a full and healthy life. He has landed on his paws and now lives with Josh and Lucy, where he loves to spend his days chilling out on the sofa. 



Thank you for taking the time to read about our Supported Hounds, they would be extremely grateful of any help that you can give them. Your support means that we are able to help these dogs live the rest of their lives out comfortably. 

If you would like to join our scheme, please download the forms by clicking the link below.

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