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Wolverhampton City Centre

9th February 2019

Today the hounds and volunteers will be in Queens Square, Wolverhampton City centre from 9.00am until approximately 2.00pm to meet the shoppers.

Look for the big green trailer, take a few minutes break from your shopping and come and see our wonderful greyhounds.

The hounds will love to be fussed and our volunteers will be only to pleased to tell you what great pets they make and answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to seeing you.

On the Day!!!

Our first awareness event was on a breezy day which meant lots of layers for the volunteers and snug outdoor coats for the 3 kennel hounds who had a day out from the kennels.
Mel, James and Dan attracted lots of attention from shoppers and were very well behaved. Happy homed hound, Gorgeous Gordon,  showed them the routine!
We took donated bric a brac and also Greyhound Trust merchandise.
By far the most popular attraction today was the £1 doggy lucky dip and the collection buckets contained £155 at the end of the day.
A great start to our program of 2019 planned events
We are collecting donations of preloved  books, bri a brac, and unwanted gifts for our regular tombola's. Especially children's items and soft toys.
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