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Thank you for Sunny

Back in January we lost our wonderfull greyhound Maddy to throat cancer, she was the most loving laid back hound you could wish for, so gentle except in her welcome when she would jump all over us. At first we decided to leave it a year or so before adopting another, but the emptiness left meant we had to reconsider. Luckily the roadshow was in Wolverhampton and I met some wonderful people with their hounds and saw pictures of Maddy on the wall. I couldn't get to the kennels but thanks to you, the kennels came to us.

Within days three hounds arrived and first out was Carol - a little bundle of energy and full of character the decision was easy (sorry for the other two but both now happily rehomed). She was renamed sunshine or just Sunny, this was because when Maddy used to welcome me home I always said, "hello sunshine". The first few days she was a little shy but now she is a bundle of fun, energy and fuss, the complete opposite of Maddy which is wonderful in its own way. She loves walks, in fact I think she would be out all day if she could, she loves meeting people and where ever you are in the house you can guarantee she is there first. She has settled wonderfully and given a new life to our home.

Sadly her over excitment as led to one injury when she ran into the garden bird bath (she never looks where she is going) and for a moment I thought she had broken her leg but it turned out to be a bruised knee and is now fully recovered . Also her habit of pinching trainers needs to be stopped!

So I just wanted to say thank you for your help, and let you know how well she is doing . Also reading the updates on Facebook and Twitter always raises a smile, keep up the good work.

  Michael Handley

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