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Beanie and the Baby

As you know we were expecting our first child in August, and our daughter Eden arrived a little late in September. We thought we would update you as to how Beanie has coped with the new arrival!

Well we can safely say that she has coped fantastically! Eden and Beanie are now firm friends. Beanie has been a dream of a hound around the baby at all times. She never bothers Eden unless we call her over to say hello, when she will have a little sniff. And she will dutifully stand and allow Eden to stroke and pat her, admittedly she looks a bit bored as this happens but all the same she is very calm at all times and thankfully is not perturbed by any crying or baby whinging.

Beanie, Eden and I walk together everyday and she is perfect with the pram/pushchair, never pulling and patiently standing at our side when Eden needs her dummy etc. It has been so easy managing a baby and a dog, as Beanie is so calm and loving. She loves her walks but equally will sleep on her bed until we are ready to go out - which is great on days when things are not going to plan!

We feel very lucky to have such a fantastic hound and know that not all dogs are so easy, so thanks again to Alison and everyone at Monmore supported us when we homed Beanie almost 2 years ago.

So if you are reading this and considering homing a greyhound - go for it!! They are the best dogs around :)

Jules, Danny & Eden xxx

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