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Teddy's first few weeks

Hello Alison and everyone at RGT Monmore Green,

We have had Teddy for two weeks and he is great and is loved by us all. My husband and I are so grateful for the support you guys have given us. You have all made the experience of adopting Teddy a memorable one.

The work you all do to help people like us and the greyhounds is second to none. I have told so many people and they are all surprised at the support you receive when adopting a greyhound through RGT Monmore Green.

The DVD explained how to ensure your greyhound settles in and we followed everything it said. Teddy's personality has started to show and he now wags his tail alot more. In fact in the morning he goes crazy and loves to race around the garden. He is so well behaved and never bothers us when we eat and doesn't look for food. When we have had visitors he just lays in his bed and goes to sleep.

The only time he gets anxious, is when we go upstairs to get ready and he doesn't know where we are. If we shut the kitchen door he is fine, if we don't he likes to take our shoes!!!!

Teddy loves going for walks especially in Sutton Park though he does get anxious going in the car, but is more than happy to know he is only going for a walk.

My husband has managed to get a DVD of Teddy racing which is great. He loves the children and the children love him and as he walks so well on a lead they are able to walk him.

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Alison and everyone at RGT Monmore.

The only down side to having Teddy is that my husband is tempted to have another dog!!!!

If you are undecided about having a dog then a retired greyhound is perfect, they are gentle, don't bark, and don’t lose their fur on your cloths. They pay you back in love for giving them a home X

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