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Kennel News 30 July 2017

29th July 2017

This week it's 'volunteers needed', 'Elvis legs' and a special reminder.......

GENERAL NEWS - Rebranding goes on, the trailer had been stripped of livery and is going to be resprayed in the new brand green on Monday, then the new brand signage will be applied the following week - we will certainly stand out on future road shows!

The old van has also had all signs removed ready for various repairs to the bodywork (its amazing how many things 'just appear' immediately before we bump into them) and a paint before being returned at the end of lease. We have the brand signs on order for the new van which is ordered for early September.

At the kennels we are still getting lots of interest for rehoming which is due in no small part to the extended opening hours, especially over the weekend afternoons which are very popular with the visitors to our kennels. 

One thing that we are still having are requests for holiday boarding but due to the limited amount of kennel space we have now, we are no longer able to offer this service - sorry.

APPEALS - Are you able to help with two new Roadshow Events? We have been able to book a place at the Hednesford Summer Festival on 12 August and we are looking for volunteers and someone to drive the van and trailer on the morning or afternoon sessions. In addition Pets at Home, Cannock have said we can promote the Greyhound Trust at their store on Saturday 26 August so if you are able to help at either Hednesford or Cannock, please contact the kennels and we will pass your details onto Steve, our events coordinator.

It's been a while since we asked for donations of bedding, but we are low on stocks so any old blankets, duvets, sheets and towels you have that you no longer want, please bring them along to the kennels when you can. We would be very grateful.

We are now in the middle of carnival and fete season and we are still terribly short of good quality tombola prizes. This is an integral part of our fundraising at events, we would be really grateful if you could have a scout around at home to see if you have any unused or unwanted items that would be suitable as tombola prizes (don't forget that we also have little ones 'having a go' so items suitable for children are also appreciated). Items can be dropped off at the kennels at any time during the day.

Our collection of bottles (wine, spirits, fizz or pop) for the raffle at our Christmas party is slowly growing - we raise a lot of money for the hounds this way so if you are able to donate a bottle or two to the collection, we would be very grateful. If you wanted to add a Christmas wish note with your bottle, please do! Bottles can be dropped off at the kennels at anytime during the day.

EVENTS THIS WEEK - Sponsor weekend was as popular as ever, with lots of hounds being brought along for nail clipping and a walk on the lead (no gallops this month due to the grass being baled and waiting for collection in the field). We love this event, as you never really know if you are going to get a 'squealer' (the hound that yelps even at the sight of the clippers) or a 'relaxed' (the hound that looks like they don't have a care in the world and a 'yes of course, you may clip my nails' look on their face) or even a quick demonstration of 'Elvis legs' (when they are so excited that their back legs jiggle)! Every hound through our hands always gets a reassuring greeting, a stroke and fuss before the clipping starts, and of course an even bigger fuss and love when we have finished! Why not bring your hound along next Sponsor weekend (Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 August) and see what we get up to!

UPCOMING EVENTS - On 13 August, our 'Twitter Friends' are holding their monthly walk on Cannock Chase. The walk starts from the Brindley Heath Visitor Centre at 11.00am and they will welcome you and your hound, if you want to join them.

We have a roadshow at Bloxwich carnival but we still need more volunteers to help man the stand. Could you help? If only for a couple of hours, that would be fantastic and it stops us having to cancel the events because of a lack of people. If you can, please contact the kennels and they will pass your details on to Steve, our events coordinator. A full list of events will be updated on the web site in the near future.

Our list of care home visits will also be updated and again, your help is always welcome - again contact the kennels for move information on what happens and your details will be passed to Lynn, our care home coordinator.

SPECIAL REMINDER - The kennels will be totally closed to volunteers and the public on the weekend of Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th August due to the family garden party - please don't worry about the hounds though, as the Kennel team will be on the premises as usual and the kennels will reopen as normal on Monday morning from 10am.

THIS WEEKS NEWBIES - Toni, a pretty black female born June 2013 is a real character! She is full of beans and loves to play, meaning that she will make someone the most wonderful pet. She has a very cute face and is always happy with a wagging tail. She gets on well with other larger breeds of dog. She can be excitable on the lead but she is always well behaved. 

Lynn is a beautiful blue female, born July 2015 and is very lively and alert, she is very young so is still getting used to the world around her! She greets everyone she sees with a wagging tail and will always have a cuddle. She gets on well with other dogs of all sizes and may also be able to live in a home with cats. With Lynn's wonderful character, young age and pretty colouring, we are sure that she will not be with us for long. 

Seth and Annie are also new in and are undergoing the normal assessment checks, so watch out on the website for more details on them.

To see all of our hounds who are looking for a home, click through to our website which is fully updated with all our beautiful hounds here.

HOUNDS HOMED THIS WEEK - We saw Jenny, who kept her name last Tuesday as she left with the Edwards family for her forever home in Darlaston whilst on Saturday, Fay became Bella as she left with the Plimmer family for her new life in Bloxwich. Play nicely everyone, and pictures are on Facebook and Twitter.

NEWS FROM OUR HOMED HOUNDS - Its holiday season! We'd love to see your hounds enjoying their holibobs so please send photos of your hounds to us, either through the website or straight onto Facebook - we will share on the news next week!

AND FINALLY....We wish Sarah all best for her neck/shoulder op on Tuesday and hope it's not too long before she is passed fit to return to the kennel team duties.

That's it for this week, same time next week!

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