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Kennel News 18 June 2017

17th June 2017

This week it's heat, newbies and an appeal.......

GENERAL NEWS - The rebranding is well underway now and we also have a new email address, The trailer and van will soon have new logos on them - watch out for the pictures on Facebook and Twitter!

This week summer has really settled in with lots of lovely sunshine and warmth. We are taking extra care at the kennels with the hot paddock surfaces and are limiting the time that our hounds are out in heat to make sure that they don't overheat. Keeping your hounds safe during the hot weather is vitally important as heat will kill a dog if it is not monitored. This is an article from Greyhound Gang website which comprehensively covers what (and what not) to do for your hound...

Heat will kill your dog. If it’s been hot, please use common sense and good judgment when you take your dog out in the heat. Greyhounds, because of their lack of fat and hair, don’t have the insulation other dogs have to the heat. They need to be in a controlled temperature environment of 68 – 72 degrees. The following are some guidelines.

Water – Always have water in the car and with you on walks.

Ice – Take a thermos full of ice with you

Squirt Bottle – Bring a squirt bottle filled with cold, ice water everywhere you go. Squirt your greyhound often. Squirt your greyhound often. Squirt your greyhound often. Wet his coat, his ears, his legs and belly.

Cool Coats – Using a terry cloth towel, wet it and drape it over your greyhound. You can also use a dog coat pattern and make one for your greyhound. But you must not let this coat get hot, or it traps in the heat, vs. cooling the dog down. So it must be dipped in cool water frequently.

Pools – greyhounds love to sit in wading pools. They think they are the epitome of cool splayed out in these kiddie pools, staying cool!

Walks – the best time is early morning. Street pavements are cooler and so is the air temperature. Do NOT walk your greyhound during the day, or even early evenings. Pavements are very hot, and it’s been a full day of heat.

Monitor your greyhound’s play at all times during hot weather. They may not know when enough is enough. Put the sprinkler system on when they are playing, this will help to keep them cool. If they appear hot, hose them down, or apply wet towels around the belly and between the legs.

Heat Exhaustion Signs - Excessive panting; Skin on inside of ears becomes flushed and red; Weakness; Walk becomes wobbly; Fainting.

Quick action can save your dog’s life, if you’ve allowed him to reach any of these signs. Get cool water on him – all over him – anyway you can. I take cotton towels, and wet them down, and keep putting them all over the dog. Keep the clothes cool. Do not let them get hot and stay on the body. Then get to a vet!

Driving – on an 85 degree day, with windows open, your car can reach 102 degrees in 10 minutes and 120 degrees in 30 minutes. If you take your greyhound, then also take an extra set of keys, so you can keep the air conditioner on if you have it. Never leave your greyhound in a car in this heat.

Dogs in heat stroke may feel clammy to the touch. While going into heatstroke they may produce copious quantities of thick, ropey saliva. Seizures can be a consequence of heat stroke.

Dogs are more sensitive to heat and high humidity than humans. A situation that may be merely very uncomfortable for you may kill your dog.

(Thanks to the Greyhound Gang website for this article).

EVENTS THIS WEEK - A big ’thank you’ to all those who took part in our Greyhound Trust Wolverhampton Greyhound walk on Sunday 11th June 2017. As many of you already know the walk was part of the Great Global Greyhound Walk where many hounds and their families both nationally and internationally were walking on that day to raise awareness about Greyhounds and the wonderful pets they make. Fifty two hounds and their families participated in our walk with some travelling quite a distance to join us. After the walk we had a raffle and sale of merchandise which raised £123.53 and the hounds enjoyed sausages. On the walk we had both familiar and new faces. As well as Greyhounds and Lurchers we now include all sight hounds on our walks. A mention here should be given to Eva, Nell and Nali, three beautiful Spanish Podenco hounds who enjoyed the walk with their owners, Sharon and Paddy. Three of our Kennel Hounds who are currently looking for homes, Timmy, Sassie and Pearl, accompanied us on the walk and as with all the hounds, their behaviour was impeccable. A ’thank you’ should also go to the Twitter walkers who were walking their hounds at Brindley Heath on the same day and who offered to add their number to ours. They had fifteen greyhounds, four whippets and a companion dog which brought our combined final number to seventy two and that number was sent to the Great Global Website. The Great Global Greyhound Walk was a huge success. There were 97 walks in the UK and 72 Global walks registered. In the UK 3,678 sight hounds walked and globally 2,024 sight hounds, giving a total of 5,702. Our next Greyhound Trust Wolverhampton Greyhound Walk will be on Sunday 17th September at Baggeridge Country Park, DY3 4HB, 10.15 am for a 10.30 am start. Come along, enjoy a walk, and help us to continue raising awareness about these amazing hounds. You will be very welcome.

Yesterday we went to the Shareshill Vintage Fayre, which was a new event for us close to the kennels. Gordon and Blu met the public, our tombola raised £122.75 and there was lots of interest in our hounds and what we do. It was a lovely friendly village event and we will definitely be there next time, we raised £122 for the hounds from the tombola but we are short of items now. Can you check for unwanted presents etc?

Wolverhampton City Centre yesterday created lots of interest in our hounds and the sale of bric a brac (otherwise known as 'treasure'), books and donations gave us a super £146.50 in total. But, as ever the safety of the hounds was paramount so we packed up at 3pm as it was too hot for them but Alan, Ruby and Clancey wooed shoppers from early on so fingers crossed for them.


Pounds for Hounds - And still the madness continues! All the events are on the website and there is also an online auction.

Sounds for Hounds, 23rd June 2017 - Sounds for Hounds will again be held at the Woodfield Sports & Social Club, Woodfield Avenue, Penn. WV4 4AF from 8.00pm with a late bar, but this has proved a popular event in the past, so please be early to get a seat.

This year we are making the event a little bigger, as we now have a Neil Diamond Tribute, plus the Karaoke-Disco. During the evening we will be holding an auction and raffle to raise funds for the hounds. There are still a few tickets priced at £5.00 including a buffet meal available from the kennels or by contacting Terry on 07523 437626. Children are welcome under adult supervision, so join us for this fun packed family night.

Wednesfield High Street, 24th June 2017 - The trailer and hounds will be on the High Street from 9.00am till approximately 4.00pm outside the ' Cult of the Sphynx' tattoo parlour. As well as meeting the shoppers, this one of our fund raising events for 'Pounds for Hounds'. Please pop along, meet the hounds and they will proudly show you their own unique ear tattoos. We look forward to meeting you and showing what great pets greyhounds make.

Sponsor Race Night at Monmore Green, 29th June 2017 - The Monmore trainers and owners will be organising a Race Night to raise funds of part of our 'Pounds for Hounds' campaign. A Retired Greyhound will lead the parade before each race and who knows it may have been one of your favourite racing hounds. Also during the night we will be drawing our annual raffle in front of the night's patrons. You will have one last chance to buy a £1 ticket before the draw. Owners Sponsor night at take on 29th and raffle draw.

Don't forget that during this month only, we will be hosting a Sponsor Weekend event each weekend as part of our fund raising campaign 'Pounds for Hounds'. Nail clipping and galloping, subject to climatic conditions, available at the kennels from 10.00 am till 12.30 pm. As there is limited parking available at the kennels, please park on Hilton Park Services, which is free for two hours and walk the short distance to the kennels.


Guy - at just over 5 years old this white and brindle male is a very handsome chap with lovely markings. He has lived in a home for almost a year but has unfortunately been returned to us. He lived happily with another greyhound and also with a cat. Guy is very friendly, loving, gentle boy who will make a wonderful family pet. He has settled back into our kennel routine well but we are hoping to get him back into a home as soon as possible. Take a look at him here.

Rosie - just turned 6 in May, this black female is a very sweet little girl who is fairly quiet. She walks nicely on the lead and is an all round gentle lady. She's very friendly and affectionate and loves to have a fuss, she'd stand there all day if you'd let her! She has plenty of love to give and would love a family of her own. She will live happily with other larger dogs and will be a great addition to any family. Take a look at her here.

To see all of our hounds who are looking for a home, click through to our website which is fully updated with all our beautiful hounds here.

HOUNDS HOMED THIS WEEK - Perry kept his name and joined Stacey and her other dogs Jack and Roxie to live in Bilston and gorgeous girl Isla kept her name as she left to live with the Beech family in Stafford. Petra and Larna have been chosen today and will be leaving next week and the first week in July respectively - watch out for the pictures on Facebook and Twitter!

NEWS FROM OUR HOMED HOUNDS - We love hearing about your hounds adventures in their forever homes and will be posting any we receive on the weekly news from now on. So, if you did want to post something on our Facebook page or by email to the kennels, we will gladly include it in the weekly news for others to share.


Please, please, please help if you can as we still have lots of Pounds 4 Hounds raffle tickets to sell to family, friends etc and also Name the Homer packs still available. Please, if you can, pick up from the kennels and raise a few bob for our beautiful hounds!

That's it for this week, same time next week!




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