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Kennel News 3rd November 2017

3rd November 2017

We start with an apology for the lack of kennel news over the last few weeks, as we know many of you look forward to reading what has being going on, not only at the kennels but also the other  branch activities.
Well we are back and the good news is that Julie Giles has agreed to take our notes, edit them, then prepare and publish the news on a weekly basis for you.

So what has been happening since we have been away...

The search for a new location for the kennels is still being conducted by Greyhound Trust head office and at present there is no concrete news to give you.
However, we have had a visit to the kennels from our CEO Lisa Morris-Tomkins and Dr Stephen Dean, Chair of the Trustees to outline the plans for the new kennels. They showed the kennel team the proposal, which is subject to planning permission and updated them on the projected way forward. At present this is still awaiting a planning decision. As soon as we have more information we will let you know.


Let’s crunch some numbers! To the end of September this year, we have found homes for 116 hounds. During the same period last year, the figure was 138 hounds. This means, since our branch started we have now found homes for 3618 hounds.


One of the Monmore trainers, Ken Bebbington, has retired recently and we have taken his retired kennel hounds into our care which were all males. At present, we have 19 males and 7 females in the kennels and most of them are ‘Black Beauties’.


The kennel opening times remain 8.00am till 4.30pm, with the hounds being able to be viewed between 10.00am and 4.00pm. This has lead to a greater footfall at the kennels, especially at the weekend.


We know that many of you follow our twitter and facebook pages and see the kennel hounds leaving us for their new loving homes there, so we will not name them all, but a special mention has to go the Seth. Unfortunately, he suffered a broken leg the day before he was due to leave us for his new home with Sarah and her family. He underwent surgery and had a steel pin implanted and after many weeks of having his leg in a splint this was removed to build up his tendons and muscles. We are pleased to say that this setback did not deter Sarah and she came regularly to the kennels, initially to see him and supply treats and hugs, then help the team with his exercise. Following the last x-ray, the vets said he could go home and a delighted Sarah has changed his name to Jeff and he is now living happily with her.


The hounds have continued to visit the several Care Homes and the residents really look forward to seeing them, as many have had to leave their pets behind. Fraser, our longest stayer, used to be a regular on these visits and got to know where the biscuits were in each lounge and even some bedrooms! We are sure he will be missed at these events, as now after twelve months in our care, he has finally found a loving home with the Dodwell family and their other hounds Bridget and Holly.


Awareness events and Roadshows play an important part of our re-homing programme and pictures of our recent ones can be seen on facebook and twitter. Details of upcoming events are on the website, so if you are in the area please pop along and see us. We are sure you will not miss the newly painted trailer!  


Also on the events page you can see details of our next branch walk, which will be our Christmas one. Please bring your hound and join us. Treats for both the hounds and humans will be provided and of course lots of banter between the owners.


The hounds really enjoy the oily fish with their dinner, so once again we are holding our ‘Festive Fish’ campaign at the kennels and have a container ready to receive donated tins. Many thanks in advance for your support once again this year.


This year has really flown by and Christmas is rapidly approaching. We now have stocks of greyhound Christmas cards and calendars available at the kennels for you to send to your family and friends. They will also availble on the trailer at our Awareness Events. Please buy these early to avoid disappoint as they usually sell quickly.
That completes our quick roundup folks.
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