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2017 Summary

3rd January 2018

As we move into a New Year, it is a good time to reflect on the work of the branch over the past twelve months.


In 2017, we found loving homes for 164 Greyhounds that had come into our care after the end of their racing careers. This is slightly down on the 2016 total, when we found homes for 197 hounds. We are led to believe, that many branches within the Trust have also experienced a slight fall in numbers, although a few have seen an increase.

Since the branch started, we have now found homes for 3666 hounds.

As in previous years, we held numerous roadshows, awareness events and walks, that helped promote ‘Greyhounds as Pets’ leading to many inquiries at the kennels. Our thanks, on behalf of the hounds, goes to our dedicated volunteers who give up their spare time to go out in all weathers to show and tell the general public all about the breed.

Our thanks also goes the kennel volunteers, who regularly come to the kennels to walk the kennel hounds, as well as helping the kennel team with the daily welfare of the hounds in our care. We also have to thank our dedicated band of volunteers that undertake the necessary home checks in their area, before the chosen hound leaves us for their new home and all the other volunteers that collect bedding, food etc.

We look forward to your support in 2018 and your help in finding many more hounds their loving home.


Also in 2017, we saw the retirement of Alison as Kennel Manager and the kennels coming under the jurisdiction of the Head Office. Alison was instrumental in starting the branch back in 2002 at her own property in Essington. From humble beginning the branch has grown and blossomed to the legacy we have today under her guidance. She is remaining as Volunteer Coordinator and still has the welfare of her beloved hounds at heart, willing offering welcomed advice to the present kennel team.

Head office have taken on the search for new premises for the kennels and after a few setbacks during the year are continuing to pursue their quest into 2018, although at present we do not have any further information to pass to you.

During 2017 the kennels extended the opening times for visits from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm and this will continue into 2018, so you are welcome to pop up and meet the hounds and no appointment is necessary.


2017 saw a major change as the Trust rebranded, removing the ‘Retired’ from our title and we are now known as the Greyhound Trust. This has also meant that every branch nationwide will have the same corporate uniforms, vans and trailers together with rebranded websites, emails, brochures etc. Many of the volunteers have been seen with the bright green uniforms and the bright green trailer at events towards the end of the year.


Finally, can we wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

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