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Kennel News 04.02.2018

4th February 2018

Two weeks in one this week folk, as we missed last week so firstly lets catch up..


We held the first Branch Volunteer Meeting of the year at the Stadium at the end of January, which is open for every registered volunteer to attend. People with areas of responsibility gave the meeting their reports and the kennels reported that homing figures were down on the previous year, with 164 hounds leaving us for their new homes in 2017, compared to 197 hounds in 2016. The Branch has now found homes for 3666 hounds since it first started.  


The recent weather meant that we were unable to open the field for free gallops on the first sponsor weekend of the year, as it was boggy and waterlogged in places. Hounds galloping at speed can easily skid on wet surface or catch their paws in boggy patches, leading to strained tendons, or at the worst scenario, suffer broken legs. We would remind everybody that the welfare of the hounds will always come first in this respect, although several hounds did enjoyed a walk on their lead in the field followed by paw washing. Nail clipping was available as usual and many hounds enjoyed their monthly manicure.


We said goodbye to long stayer Torus last week, when he joined the Grant family in Rugeley, and also Rebella who changed her name to Meggy before joining the Jenkins family in Hereford. This meant in January, a total of 16 hounds found their new loving homes and follow up calls tell us they have all settled in well within the new family life.


This week saw the calendar flip over to February,  ( where it January go!! It seems only five minutes ago that the hounds were enjoying their Christmas dinners, ) and three more hounds leaving for their new homes. Stefan, now Stan and Toni now Millie left together to join the Clews family in Halesowen. They were followed later by Scarlet, who has kept her kennel name and joined the Tudor family in Telford.  As usual, photographs of them with their new owners can be seen on our social media sites, twitter and facebook.


Four more lucky hounds have been reserved this week, Beatrice, Dee, Ariana and Eric and will be joining their new families soon. When hounds leave us, their kennels are not empty for long and we have welcomed Carol, Keiron, Kevin, Denny and Chris into our care with four more arriving later in the week. As we prepare for the start of our awareness and roadshow events for the year, hopefully we will be telling you of other hounds finding their new loving homes in the near future.


Once again, the weather is getting colder and the kennel hounds are having their fleece lined coats on, as they snuggle on their beds at night.


This week, volunteers Lynn and Carole took Elliot and Freda to visit the residents of Dovedale Care Home. The residents always look forward to seeing and fussing the hounds, as many have had to leave their pets behind. Our kennel hounds enjoy all the attention they receive and ofcourse, the many treats that always come their way.


The Stadium are hoping to get some video footage of Monmore Green’s retired racing greyhounds in their new homes, out on walks, playing with the family etc., to help promote greyhounds as pets.

If you feel you would be willing to help, please send your video clip to the kennels email, with your full details. For further information, please ring the kennels on 01902 291080.


That’s all for this week folks..



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